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A short collection of my favorite quotes from Tom, my traveling partner for all of the lame business trips I have to take (including this week’s exercise in extreme patience):

1.  Yeah, you’ve got that short and stocky build.

2.  But you’re a woman!  (after I asked him if I could help him move a heavy box)

3.  Put on your seatbelt, young lady.

4.  I’m just an old fuddy-duddy.  (Yeah, we know, Tom.)

5.  But you’re too young to drive!  (after I rented the car for one of our trips; the best part is that he was serious)

6.  You need to learn to drive with both hands firmly on the wheel!  (after I took one hand off for a brief second)

7.  Your advertising is very misleading.  This is definitely not the best shake in the world.  (after a waiter made the mistake of offering “The World’s Best Shake” to Tom and then asking how he liked it)

8.  You don’t have salsa?!?!?!?  (I don’t know how many times I have to explain to Tom that Waffle Houses in Boise or Holdredge or whatever ridiculous little town we’re in probably don’t carry salsa)

9.  You don’t have Luzianne?!?!?!?!?  (screamed at the Krispy Kreme Donuts guy while in Idaho)

10.  I don’t park up front.  (Why not, if there’s a space?)  Because I just never expect to get one, so I always just go around to the back.

I am so fucking tired, people.  I need to get out of here.  Is it Friday yet?


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Only in Texas…

So, after a good run, our CEO officially stepped down today.  We had a big employee meeting/farewell party for him with cake and speeches and whathaveyou.  I swear I saw the man tearing up while making goodbyes (even though he’ll still be around, I’m sure).  So, after all of the to-do and pontificating and polite laughter, our CFO and Chief Counsel bring out a farewell gift for our CEO – and you can tell they’re very proud of themselves.  It’s a long, black case.  It’s…no…it couldn’t be.  Yes, it is.

It was much fancier-looking than this, but I’m lazy today.

That’s right – a slick, black breakdown shotgun case complete with a very expensive-looking 12-gauge inside with gorgeous brushed-nickel filigreeing and a walnut stock.  Just what every CEO needs.

Well, if you’re a CEO in Texas, that is.  God bless this strange little state of ours.

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Current Obsessions

Okay, so I’m getting back into Air (the band, not the mixture of gases we breathe) after a long hiatus.  I think I overplayed The Virgin Suicides soundtrack and then I couldn’t listen to them for a while…  So I’m rediscovering 10,000 Hz Legend, in particular this song:  “How Does It Make You Feel?”  I even love the video.  The song is very much like what I imagine HAL 9000 would have been like had he ever fallen in love.  I guess you either get that reference or you don’t…

Anyway, speaking of loving videos – I know this isn’t the real video for Jose Gonzalez’ “Heartbeats,” (yes, it’s an advert) but I adore it regardless.  How can Bouncy Balls not just make everything else terrible in the world seem alright for at least two and a half minutes?  So, for comparison’s sake, I’ve also included the original song/video (the Jose Gonzalez version is a cover), which you can see here.  Well?  Which do you prefer?  I like The Knife on their own merits (see Marble House!), but this is one of the few times when I can say I actually might like a cover more than the original song.  Sorry; I’m a sellout.

And finally, I’ve really come to enjoy Imogen Heap (although I still dislike Frou Frou, go figure).  “Hide and Seek” is what did it for me.  Yes, the video plumbs the depths of riduculousness, mediocrity and inspidness (is insipidness a word?), but the song is lovely.  I normally hate it when an artist uses vocal layering and distortion simply to make their voice sound fuller or less pitchy, but when used to artistic effect (like in “Hide and Seek”) it’s brilliant.

One last thing…  Check out Pandora.

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