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We were going to send out engraved announcements on heavy, creamy paper stock with toile accents and a ribbon trim, hire a skywriter, and take out an ad in the Houston Chronicle…but ultimately decided that Myspace would do…for now.

I’m happy to announce that Richard and I are the proud new owners of a baby puppeh named Daisy!  She is a German Shepherd mutt (or something) and she’s six months old.  We rescued her from CAP and she is very happy to have a home again.  She is currently zonked out at my feet as I type.  A very happy girl indeed. 

I’ll post some pics as soon as I get them, but we’re going to rest for now.  Daisy has had a hard first six months and she needs all the rest she can get.


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Six of One

Pros of working for a non-profit:

  • Laid-back working environment
  • Affordable benefits
  • Good hours (out the door by 4:30!)

Cons of working for a non-profit:

  • The ceiling in my office leaks onto my desk when it rains and the ceiling tiles are moldy, soggy and beyond ruined
  • The facilities people brought me a giant, metal trashcan to put on my desk in order to catch the water

So…yeah.  It’s a numbers game, folks.

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Okay, how utterly sad is it that I was considering buying this?


Or this?


Yeah, I thought so.

Hey, Donkeylips – how about an Awful Waffle?

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Fun Activity o’ the Day:  trying to find the lone semi-attractive person that’s entered the St. Arnold’s Donegal Beard competition.

Behold:  The Competitors.

Ready, set…go!

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Top Ten

Eh…everyone else is doing a year-end countdown of some kind, so here’s mine.

Top Ten Websites of 2006 (bear with me here…)

1.  Cute Overload:  Jacque turned me on to this one.  It’s your daily dose of almost unbearable cuteness in the form of tiny puppehs and kittehs.  See?  I have a heart.

2.  Go Fug Yourself:  I once had a boss that, if I didn’t know otherwise, I could swear is the webmistress of this site.  Hilariousness.  All the catty comments you can’t think up yourself, contained here.

3.  FARK:  The old classic.  If you’ve never visited FARK, go over there right now and RTFAs.

4.  Pajiba:  Excruciatingly caustic but highly intelligent movie reviews by people who still have a grasp on what’s relevant in society.  Even if you’re not planning on seeing the movie, it’s still worth it to read these guys’ reviews.  Bonus: one of them is a Texan!

5.  Awful Plastic Surgery:  If you can’t tell by now, I like to see people made fun of for all the right reasons.  And poorly-done plastic surgery is one of those reasons.

6.  Overheard in New York:  This was a gem of a find and will keep even the most humorless people amused for hours.  Real snippets of conversation overheard on the streets of NYC, confirming our worst fears about New Yorkers: that they truly do hate tourists, especially Southerners.

7.  Fametracker:  Current front-page articles include “Jude Law vs. Chips and Salsa” and “Josh Duhamel vs. Post-It Notes.”  Love it.

8.  Tomato Nation:  The venerable Sars turns out some fantastic short stories and some insanely funny Girls Bike Club shorts (you must read them from the beginning to understand, but it’s more than worth it), but the greatest thing about Tomato Nation is the Vine.  Readers write in to Sars seeking the kind of advice that would make Dear Abby faint.  Sars, however, is unfazed and turns out fantastic advice on a near-daily basis.  Bonus: Ask The Readers Fridays, where people seeking advice on products, restaurants, dandruff, pet odor, etc. get to ask the multitude of fellow readers for their advice; Sars posts the top answers in the next Vine.

9.  Spirit Fingers:  Spirit Fingers has, sadly, stopped posting as of October 2nd.  However, two things kept me from crying that day: the fact that she’s started a new blog called Teh Interweb, which is nearly as funny, and the fact that there is still quite a bit of archived hilarity on Spirit Fingers’ old page that I haven’t browsed through yet.  Hard to explain; just go and check it out, dammit.

10.  Wikipedia:  My perennial favorite, and probably the site I visit most often.  The vast breadth of the articles ranges from the most obscure punk band you’ve never heard of to subatomic nuclear theory.  You’ve got to love an encyclopedia that’s completely open for editing.  Plus, it’s fun to find the random graffiti that people leave in the legitimate articles.

Happy belated Hanukkah and Happy New Year!

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