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I’m home again, and it’s awfully quiet around here today with Richard gone. I dropped him off at the airport this morning, less than 12 hours after we touched down in Houston. So, in approximately 24 hours, he’ll have been in Memphis, Little Rock, Dallas, Houston, Detroit and finally Rochester. My poor boy is such a travelin’ man these days.

Anyway, I’m slowly sorting through the roughly 250 pictures I took in Memphis (I’m…not kidding. It’s a sad sort of addiction.) and I’ll post some later this week. For now, though, a really great quote from a New York Times article about Houston:

It’s true: The greater metropolitan area is truly a geography of nowhere, a crazy quilt of strip malls and strip clubs and gas pumps and houses. But the sneaky thing about Houston is that the city’s heart isn’t to be found in one place; it’s in a thousand small places and subtle pleasures. Trouble is, most outsiders don’t have the time to assemble the scattered pieces. Only with time does mishmash become mosaic.

How abundantly true.


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Bless You!

Okay, it’s a slow day around here.  I’m recovering from a really nasty stomach virus.  And this really amused me:

RIP Hippos, 2005-2007

I’m happy to report my 3-year-old used the toilet the other day. Sadly, it was to flush some plastic animals.

Here are 2 cheetahs that were found still “swimming” in the watering hole. Apparently they didn’t make it down because they were blocked by the 3 plastic hippos that did. I can only hope the cheetahs recognize the sacrifice those brave hippos made.

My wife fished out the survivors (glamorous), washed them off and left them on the counter. The next morning my son saw them and said “Hey, my cheetahs. I thought I flushed those.”

I hate to brag about my kids, but my 3-year-old has tested at the 4th grade level for being a dick.

–from www.thesneeze.com, which comes very highly recommended.

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