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Beer!  And bacon!  An unstoppable duo of awesomeness and win.


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The Houston Chronicle has linked to my humble little blog in their Opinion section today, which is amusing to me seeing as how I’ve never said one nice thing about their paper or their journalists.  Quite the opposite, actually.  Hell, I don’t even have anything decent to say about them in my other blog, which is devoted solely to food and really shouldn’t have cause to denigrate the local paper.  They just leave themselves so damn open to it.

But, uh…yeah…  Thanks for the traffic, I guess?  It doesn’t mean I’m going be nice, though.  🙂

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An idea/meme cribbed from Margo, for my birthday:

Horoscopes!  The notoriously unreliable and far too broadly applicable self-indulgences we all know and love.  Here are mine, for November 11th:

From the Houston Chronicle:

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Nov. 11). Knowing where you’d like to be this time next year, you’re motivated to make the choices that will deliver you. You’re wary of situations and people who will hold you back. A relationship shift brings more love into your life in February. Finances reflect a new attitude about money in January. You share a special connection with Virgo and Taurus. Your lucky numbers are: 8, 4, 13, 22 and 18.

I’m not sure how Richard will feel about both the “relationship shift” or my “special connection with Virgo and Taurus.”  Does this mean my horoscope is predicting that I will pick up cuckolding as a hobby in the next year? How scandalous.

From Astrology.com:

Let others in your workplace or social group take the risks today — you’ve done enough lately! It’s not that you’re afraid of failing, it’s just that sometimes you need to spread the energy around the gang.

Wow, considering that I’ve been away from work for the last two weeks and my co-workers have been doing all of my work for my while I’ve been away, I’d say that’s a pretty shitty way to return the favor when I get back to work tomorrow.  Yeah, I can just feel their “energy” now.

From Cosmo.com:

Venus sends you a friendly reminder that you don’t need a reason to play. So feel free to get rowdy with your girls tonight.

You can always count on Cosmopolitan to provide a road map for the skankiest and most inappropriate way to get in the pants of that skeevy guy at the club and/or catch herpes, so why should their horoscopes be any different?  Yes, Sunday night — that’s the time to get “rowdy” in my book.

From Yahoo.com:

Sagittarius Moon will continue in force for the next two days – offering you a myriad of insights and brainstorms. When cosmic challenges are of minor consequence, today’s lunar dispensation can provide you with a happy-go-lucky demeanor and optimistic outlook on life. However, there are several difficult celestial sky patterns that can rain on your parade. Mercury re-entering Scorpio (12:42AM PST) – along with a Mercury-Juno union (3:27AM PST) – can suggest that stormy conditions are influencing the collective emotional world of humanity. Being too pushy, egocentric and demanding will hurt your chances of making gains with dear ones. In addition, the Sun squares Neptune at 5:44PM PST – a potentially frictional aspect that often coincides with a steep rise in confusion, chaos, illusions and deceptions. Placing your trust in friends and family members who are not always reliable may be a mistake. Signing papers, making long-term agreements, and buying large-ticket items can put you into a bind. This is one of those days when you don’t want to become your own worst enemy. Luckily, a Sun-Saturn 72-degree quintile formation from Scorpio to Virgo (6:04PM PST) can provide enough commonsense, objectivity, and realism to see you through several hours of uncertainty. Learn more from mentors and experienced professionals in your main fields of expertise. Ingenious ideas are pervasive as Sunday night morphs into Monday morning since Mercury trines Pallas in water signs (12:59AM PST tomorrow).

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…huh? Wha, what? I’m sorry, I dozed off somewhere after something about sky patterns.

And last, but not least, from Horoscope.com:

For those of us born on November 11
Happy Birthday!  The months ahead could see you taking up a good cause, especially when Mars begins to influence matters in the New Year, but don’t dream of changing the world: keep it real and be satisfied with what you do achieve.  You might expect too much from your romantic encounters, too, particularly during the early summer, although you will radiate an inner charm that will be quite irresistable.  By September, you’ll probably want to give your life an overhaul and introduce some positive changes ready for the challenges that the following New Year will bring.

So, basically, the theme for my next year of life is: set the bar low.  I’m so inspired by this, that I think I’m going to go out right now and not try to accomplish anything new or change my life in any measurable way.  Happy Birthday to me!

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I’m having a very Empire Records sort of day, which is probably driving the temp insane.  Good.

Sometimes I get in these moods where all I want to listen to is music from my high school days.  As far as I’m concerned, this short era in music was the critical boundary between the last of commercially-viable yet still good music and where we stand today — Clear Channel and their ilk ruling the airwaves, ramming mass-produced Top 40 crap down our throats.  It all sounds alike.  And it all sucks.  But that’s just my opinion.

Music in the late 90s, like I’ve said, was just barely straddling that fine line.  I mean, groups like the Indigo Girls were still making it onto mainstream radio — so that’s good — but then there was also the advent of Britney Spears and the tribes of heavily-makeupd, over-produced girls that followed her.

Even concert tickets were still affordable back then.  I could easily attend a whole slew of summer concerts (I was a devoted Lilith Fair follower at the time…) on my lifeguarding paycheck and still have plenty of money left over for buying cheap Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill to drink before the concerts and shopping for tacky, midriff-baring clothes at Gadzook’s to wear to the concerts.  Today you have the embarassment of Hannah Montana tickets selling out more quickly than Stones tickets, and for twice as much money.  God, what have we come to…?

So, back to my original subject.  A very abbreviated playlist of today’s tunes, for your auditory pleasure, is below.  Click the links to listen and enjoy your momentary trip back to the 90s, friends.

Have I missed your favorite, out of thousands out there?  Let me know…

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From the delicious shrimp curry I made for dinner last night:


I served the curry over some brown rice with a little dollop of the mango marinade on top (didn’t have any chutney, so this worked quite well in a pinch).  If you’re going to make this recipe, which I highly recommend as an easy, delicious and very healthy meal, I would make the following substitutions:

  • Use light coconut milk instead of 2% milk; the coconut milk is a bit more in keeping with the other flavors of the dish and imparts a much richer, sweeter taste to it.
  • If you like a bit more crunch (which I do), make it a full cup of diced celery.
  • I used Maharajah curry from Penzey’s, which is sweet instead of hot.  It’s also chock-full of saffron (*swoon*) and it’s salt-free!  If you prefer a hotter curry, well…use a hotter curry powder.
  • I added a teaspoon of powdered ginger root to give the otherwise sweet curry more of a pop.  You may not like this much ginger, but it sure did make the curry hum.
  • Finally, because a little butter never hurt anybody, I added an extra tablespoon of butter while I was sauteeing the shallots, celery, apples and garlic.  But please, people, if you’re going to do this — use good butter!!!  If you’re not going to use good butter — real butter — and are instead going to poison your body with margarine or oleo, why are you even bothering to cook?  Just go to KFC, buy a family-sized bucket of wings and thighs and just get it over with.

Bon appetit, folks.

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Rubber Tree

Continuing today’s trend of short posts with links to some of my favorite sites, I am coveting this:

It’s a lamp that you wind up.  A wind-up lamp.  That works.  And it looks incredibly chic, to boot.  The wind-up lamp can be found in all of its glory here at Geekologie.

Other things which I am currently coveting include:

  1. The original Monkey Island computer game.  This was the first game to make me nearly piss myself laughing.  While the other middle-school girls were experimenting with mascara and prank-calling cute boys, Yours Truly was sitting alone in a darkened bedroom insulting rogue pirates and using rubber chickens as escape devices.  And people wonder why I was so unpopular in junior high.
  2. Some Thin Mints.  Or some Grasshoppers.  Just something that’s dark chocolate and minty.  Like, a whole package or two of them.  With a glass of very cold milk.  WHOLE milk, dammit.
  3. Vacation time.  Yeah, sure — I’m getting two weeks off for the wedding.  But while I’m not saying it won’t be enjoyable, it certainly won’t be a vacation.  I want deserted strip of beach-azure waters-ice cold beer-warm sun-maid service at the hotel in which my room has a beautiful balcony with French doors that you leave open the entire time-style vacation time.
  4. And a gold-plated Delorean.  Because, why not?

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Where I work, we have a Breakfast Club, like so many other offices across the nation. And every Friday morning we are subjected to the unrepentant and unfailing cycle of bagels, donuts, bagels, donuts, bagels, breakfast tacos and more donuts. I don’t know why I used the word “subjected,” since we’ve all undertaken this breakfast mission voluntarily, but I definitely get the feeling that most people participate due to either peer pressure or the knowledge that by spending $10 on a box of Shipley’s, they can get free breakfasts on Fridays for the next twelve weeks (I mean, it’s a pretty good trade if you think about it).

This morning it was my turn to bring breakfast. (more…)

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