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April Fools!


So, I’m back.  And busy.  So I’ll cut straight to the chase here.

Absolute favorite April Fool’s Day joke so far?  Belongs to Seeqpod.  No matter what song or artist you search for today, the first song that will come up is Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”  Brilliant.

Go give it a try.  You know you want to.

I assume the fine folks at Seeqpod are familiar with the time-honored tradition of Rickrolling, and I applaud them for it.  Well done, sirs.


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I love and am married to a man despite the fact that he does not share — even in a single, tiny way — the deep and abiding devotion that I have for The Royal Tenenbaums and Lou Reed.

I should get a Nobel prize for this.

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An Updated Valentine

Alright, my little bluebirds, your voices were heard and I now have a completely, brand-spanking-new 90s mix tape for you:

New And Improved!

I included almost every band I could think of off the top of my head, as well as your suggestions, and even bands/songs which I deeply and truly hate (…Dave Matthews Band, I’m looking at you) in an effort to bring you a 90s extravaganza of music.

You will note, however, that I still have not included any Soundgarden.  Suck it, Chris Cornell!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

My friend Jessica used to make the most badass mix tapes.  She’d dig up music that none of us had ever heard before and proudly present it on homemade mix tapes with completely nonsensical names like “I Wish You Weren’t A Liar” and “$0.02” and “Małe Kartofle” (pronounced “maow-eh kar-toff-lay”, Polish for “small potatoes”).  I kept all of them and still listen to them when I need to be reminded of good friends and better times.

I miss mix tapes.  I mean, sure, you can burn a CD these days but all the effort put into it seems diminished somehow.  You download a song off iTunes — one that’s already been rated and reviewed for you by other users — and toss it into a folder and let the burner rip.  There’s something missing.  Something about digging and pawing through stacks of random LPs and tapes and CDs at the record store, looking for something that strikes you.  Buying the entire thing and taking it home and digesting it as a whole.  Slowly picking out your favorite songs and tracks.  And then finally sitting down and beginning the laborious process of transferring one song at a time — from twelve or fifteen or thirty different albums — onto one little tape.

And it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of 90s music.  Grunge, post-grunge, punk rock, alternative rock (before disgusting posers like Nickelback and 3 Doors Down ruined that genre…): all good, all golden.  These were my high school days and college days and halcyon days of cheap concerts and late nights and a complete lack of real world worries or responsibilities.  It makes sense that I’d love the soundtrack to times like those.

With that in mind, my little barn swallows, I’ve made a 90s mix tape for you all.  It’s not the good, old-fashioned kind of mix tape; I had to resort to technology.  But I hope you enjoy it, as my Valentine to all of you faithful readers out there.

90s Mix Tape Madness

What’s that?  There’s no Soundgarden on there?  That’s because I hate them.  Don’t question the mix tape!

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I adore the Ben Folds cover of the “classic” Dr. Dre song “Bitches Ain’t Shit.” But this a cappella version by DeCadence (a student a cappella group from UC Berkeley) is close to eclipsing that cover in terms of sheer lunatic goodness:

Marcel Duchamp would be proud.  L.H.O.O.Q.

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Down The Rabbit Hole

For me, the best part of this video isn’t how wicked Shlomo’s beatboxing is (even in his early days here), but how at around 2:04 you can see Pete Doherty randomly sitting in the audience, absolutely cracked out of his skull — eyes bugging, the bottle of vodka slipping from his hand — and quickly losing his mind as he watches Shlomo spit beats.


Where the fuck are the drums, mate? I mean…where the fuck? Is that Seven Nation Army? But…he’s not that Jack White bloke…or is he? Bollox that…WHERE IS HE KEEPING THE BLOODY DRUMS? …God, I need some weed.”



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New (and Old) Obsessions

I’ve callously ditched Project Playlist for a far groovier music search engine: Seeqpod.  Not only is it much cleaner and easier to use in general, it also allows you to save and share playlists without creating an account.  So much nicer.

And to demonstrate, here’s a short-but-sweet playlist with a few songs I’ve had on repeat lately:  Dig It.

I’ve got a little old school New Order and Cranberries, a few old standbys like Air and The Chemical Brothers, and some new artists that I’ve really been enjoying lately, like Sebastien Tellier and Emilie Simon.

Let me know what you think.  🙂

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