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Some time soon, I will sit down and do this amazing trip more justice.  But for today, I am exhausted and so I offer only this photo gallery (with comments!) and a few random videos I uploaded to YouTube.


Pictures Of England

Driving Through Bollington

White Nancy



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Apropos of absolutely nothing (except, perhaps, for listening to a lot of Bjork), I’ve been having very strong urges to see Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle yet again.

Should I see a physician for this or something?

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Mas Fotos

I’m back for a quick post of…you guessed it!…more unofficial photos from the wedding. My cousin Sharon is to thank for the majority of these.  Enjoy!

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The very first self-portrait of the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony. (more…)

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It’s Official

We’re married.  🙂

Here is the first, very unofficial yet very awesome picture from the wedding:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Far and away, the best day of my life. I’m so happy. 😀

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I have, rather unexpectedly, finally got an evening to myself!  We were on our way to pick up Richard’s brother from the airport, but received a phone call* that turned us right back around, so now I’m back home with a bit of spare time for a change.  Richard’s brother was flying in from Australia (by way of L.A. and then Dallas), but found himself stranded in Dallas overnight due to a late flight from LAX which resulted in his missing the final flight out of Dallas to Houston tonight.  They’ve thankfully put him up in a hotel for the evening and we’ll be back out to Hobby first thing in the morning to pick him up.  Until then, though…

Non-wedding-related stuff!  Thank the heavens!  I’m posting some pictures of our Halloween party at the office last Friday, where our entire department dressed up as circus folks/freaks/carnies.  If you can guess what circus person I am, I’ll…um…oh, hell.  I’ll just give you a thumbs-up in the comments section.  Sorry; I’m brain-dead and completely lame tonight.

*Dan (the brother) totally used his English charm/accent/what-have-you to con some girl at the hotel into using her cell phone to call us, so he wouldn’t have to pay the ridiculous charges to use his hotel room phone.  Classic.

Anyway, onto the photos: (more…)

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From the delicious shrimp curry I made for dinner last night:


I served the curry over some brown rice with a little dollop of the mango marinade on top (didn’t have any chutney, so this worked quite well in a pinch).  If you’re going to make this recipe, which I highly recommend as an easy, delicious and very healthy meal, I would make the following substitutions:

  • Use light coconut milk instead of 2% milk; the coconut milk is a bit more in keeping with the other flavors of the dish and imparts a much richer, sweeter taste to it.
  • If you like a bit more crunch (which I do), make it a full cup of diced celery.
  • I used Maharajah curry from Penzey’s, which is sweet instead of hot.  It’s also chock-full of saffron (*swoon*) and it’s salt-free!  If you prefer a hotter curry, well…use a hotter curry powder.
  • I added a teaspoon of powdered ginger root to give the otherwise sweet curry more of a pop.  You may not like this much ginger, but it sure did make the curry hum.
  • Finally, because a little butter never hurt anybody, I added an extra tablespoon of butter while I was sauteeing the shallots, celery, apples and garlic.  But please, people, if you’re going to do this — use good butter!!!  If you’re not going to use good butter — real butter — and are instead going to poison your body with margarine or oleo, why are you even bothering to cook?  Just go to KFC, buy a family-sized bucket of wings and thighs and just get it over with.

Bon appetit, folks.

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Bridal Portraits

My long-awaited bridal portraits have finally come in!  They were shot by my good friend, Ben, during some rather stifling weather we had back in September.  I’m so pleased that they came out well, despite the hot weather and the dressing room drama of not being able to zip the dress due to the added layer of fabric from the corset that I’d decided to wear at the last minute.  Won’t be doing that for the wedding.

Pictures are after the jump, but there are only three and they’re all detail shots.  Can’t reveal too much until the day of — Richard does read this, after all.  Enjoy!


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